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Steve Goldberg Original Owner since 1964 Insured

Del Rey Divers is the oldest dive service in Marina Del Rey, cleaning the bottom of boats, with the same ownership since 1964. Our cleaning program is based on 50 years of experience & the simple premise that if you have to scrape a considerable amount of coral marine growth from a regularly maintained boat bottom, then too much time has elapsed between cleanings. Boat bottoms need to be scheduled & cleaned more often to avoid excessive marine growth & the subsequent loss of the boat’s performance. We tailor our underwater maintenance program to the needs of each individual boat bottom with respect to the season & the condition of the anti-fouling paint. 20 years ago Del Rey Divers implemented 3 changes in our prior cleaning program, giving us the best maintained boats in Marina del Rey.

First, Del Rey Divers started cleaning all the boats it maintains, that have anti-fouling paint in good & fair condition, every 3 weeks during the summer months from June to October & keeping the previous 4 week cleaning schedule only for the winter months of November through May. The previous practice of cleaning the boat bottoms every 4 weeks in the summer did not keep the boat bottoms clean enough, as the summer marine growth accumulates 2-3 times as fast as in the winter due to warmer water temperatures & more sunlight, so the boat’s performance suffered. Did you know that during the summer as much marine growth can accumulate during the 4th week as the 3 previous weeks combined?

Second, boat bottoms that have poor or no anti-fouling paint* that are cleaned every 14 days in the winter, are now cleaned every 10-11 days in the summer. Why? Because at 14 days in the summer, the coral that accumulates on a boat bottom with poor or no anti-fouling paint* is so large that it requires scraping to be removed & the boat’s performance is compromised due to coral fouling of the hull, propellers & engine water intakes; causing overheating engines, slower speed & poor fuel economy. Also, by going to a 10-11 day schedule, the coral can be scrubbed off with steel wool in 1/3 of the time it would take to remove the coral marine growth 3 days later with a scraper.

Third, as the unpainted metal surfaces on powerboats, such as props, shafts, trim tabs, struts, rudders, engine intakes, outdrives, etc., accumulate so much coral marine growth during the summer, a 10 -11 day cleaning program was implemented, for the same reasons previously described for boat bottoms with poor or no anti-fouling paint*. This “Metal Cleaning” program is performed between each regular 3 week complete cleaning & allows powerboats to perform as well in the summer as in the winter.

Del Rey Divers cleaning program is tailored to the boat owner who wants to use his boat at any time & achieve a trouble-free experience with regard to the boat bottom. At Del Rey Divers, we feel that our underwater maintenance program may appear to cost more, but actually saves money when considering a faster hull speed, higher engine R.P.M., less fuel consumption and cooler running engines.

*No Paint: It should be noted that most boat builders recommend painting the bottom before the diver wears through the paint to avoid scratching the fiberglass gel coat; The opinion being that scratches in the gel coat allow water to enter the fiberglass and resin below the gel coat, which can possibly lead to the formation of gel coat blisters.

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